Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting £5.50
This classic American cake is very dramatic and delicious, wonderful bright red colour
contrasted by a white cream cheese frosting it makes the perfect treat
Orange Chiffon Cake with Orange Filling and Meringue £5.00
Light, moist and super fluffy filled with orange flavour, this soft chiffon cake will refresh
your senses
Flourless Chocolate Cake £5.50
This flourless cake is made from an aerated chocolate custard making it light but luscious,
served with a dollop of crème
Cinnamon  Waffle Crunch £5.00
Topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, lashings of butterscotch sauce and toffee
Apple and Cinnamon Pie £5.50
Tender apples baked with a crumbly brown sugar and cinnamon flour to a golden
texture. Served with vanilla ice cream or custard
Raspberry and Vanilla Crème Brulee   £5.00
Served with homemade shortbread and raspberry  
Bojangles Crème Glacee  £5.50
Indulge in this luxurious work of art with flavours of almonds and chocolate ice cream  
Assorted Macaroons £5.00
Delicate and light French macaroons in various impressive and delicious flavours  

Mr Bojangles – Champagne Bar